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Offpiste Gurus

Fredrik Lundin Overdrive Plays The Music of Leadbelly, Belly-up

Fredrik Lundin Overdrive, recorded 2004 (Stunt Records STUCD 04072)

Overdrive Live

Live takes recorded by the Swedish Radio at Jeriko in Malmö 2002.

On the 5th of November '05, Overdrive played a very energetic and inspired concert at BerlinJazzfest in Berlins beautiful Festspielhaus.
Now you can listen to Deutchlandfunks recording of the concert.
Also downloadable on download Berlin Concert

From february 13th, 21.05-22.00, you can listen to Overdrive live at JazzFest Berlin from Deutchlandfunks homepage.

Choose Your Boots

Fredrik Lundin Overdrive, recorded 2001 (Stunt Records STUCD 01092)


recorded by the Danish National Radio from a concert at Glassalen in Tivoli at Copenhagen Jazz festival 2003.

Music for Dancers and Dreamers

Lundin/Danemo Kvartet, recorded 1997 (Stunt Records STUCD 19712)

Desde el norte...

with “Dos Mundos”, recorded 1997 (Stunt records STUCD 19708)

People, Places, Times & Faces

with Trine-Lise Væring + 9, recorded 1992 (Storyville Records stcd 4184)

Pieces of...

Fredrik Lundin Quintet featuring Paul Bley, recorded 1990 (Stunt records STUCD and STULP 19002)

The Cycle

Fredrik Lundin Sextet, recorded 1987 (Salut Records, SALP 8428)
Only on LP, and only available as second hand

Twilight Land

Fredrik Lundin Quartet, recorded 1986 (Stunt records STULP 86022)
Only on LP, and only available as second hand

Recording as sideman

With Jon Balke

Diverted Travels

Jon Balke Magnetic North, recorded ’04
(ECM Records ECM1886 9818791)


Jon Balke, Niels-Olav Johansen and Sidsel Endresen
(Jazzland Polygram Norway 538 160-2)

With Sound of Choice

New cd to be released in January 2006 on Pao Records

"Rugby In Japan"

recorded ’05 (PAO Records)
listen to teasers from this album

Invisible Correspondence

Sound Of Choice and Ixi String Quartet, recorded ’03 (PAO Records PAO11020)
Visit PAO Records if you want to listen to samples or buy the album

Back Street Theatre

recorded ’01 (LJ records LJCD 5227)


recorded ’98 (AV-ART Records)
no further info on this album

Sound of Choice

recorded ’94 (AV-ART Records AACD 1001)
no further info on this album

With Jonas Johansen Move

Move ’Up

Jonas Johansen Move, recorded ’03 (Stunt records STUCD03152)

Please Move

Jonas Johansen Move, recorded ’99 (Stunt records STUCD 19905)
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no further info on this album


Jonas Johansen Kvartet, recorded ’94 (Music Mecca CD 1057-2)
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no further info on this album

Trine-Lise Væring

When the Dust Has Settled

recorded ’00 (Stunt records STUCD 00152)

In so many words

recorded ’97 (Stunt records STUCD 19807)

When I Close My Eyes

recorded ’95 (Stunt records STUCD 19602)

Copenhagen Art Ensemble

formerly “Jazzgruppe 90”

Angels Share

recorded ’99 (Dacapo Records DCCD 9452)

My Sister’s Garden

with Jazzgruppe 90 (later Copenhagen Art Ensemble)
recorded ’92, (Olufsen Records DOCD)

With Henrik Metz

Henrik Metz, Fredrik Lundin, N-H-Ø-Pedersen

recorded ’92 (Music Mecca CD 1024-2)


recorded ’90 (Canzone Records CAN 33004)
with Henrik Metz piano, Kurt Larsen baritone sax and Jens Melgaard bass

With Marilyn Mazur

All the Birds

with Marilyn Mazur JazzPar Prize-ensemble
recorded ’01 (Stunt records STUCD 02072)

With Jan Kaspersen

Jan Kaspersen & Special Occasion Band

recorded ’94(Olufsen Records DOCD 5303/4)

Space and Rhythm Jazz

recorded ’87 (Olufsen Records DOCD 5060)
with Jan Kaspersen Septet (Kaspersen piano, Anders Bergkrantz trumpet, Michael Hove saxes, Simon Spang Hansen saxes, Lundin saxes, Peter Danstrup bass, Ole Rømer drums)

With Frans Bak

Fransk Film

recorded ’88 (Salut Records SALP8429)
with Frans Bak and det Blå Skrig

Det Blå Skrig

recorded ’87 (Salut Records SALP 8417)
with Frans Bak and det blå skrig (Lundin, Bak, Riel and Hugo Rasmussen bass)

Dagen før i Morgen

recorded ’86 (Salut Records SALP 8411)
with Frans Bak Kvartet (Lundin + Frans Bak keyboards, Bo Stief Bass, Alex Riel Drums)

With Jørgen Emborg and Steve Swallow

Over the Rainbow

recorded ’92 (Storyville Records STCD 4183)

With Kenneth Knudsen

Sounds and Silence

recorded ’93 (Dacapo Records DCCD 9419)

With others


with Lars Vissing and Anders Andreasen
recorded ’04 (Raw Fusion RAS CD 004)

Blue and Purple

with Hans Ulrik Sextet
recorded ’04 (Stunt records STUCD 04115)


with Dingobats
recorded ’00 (Bergland BE 007-2)


with Peter Danemo Kapell
recorded ’00 (Dragon Records DRCD 354)


with Aske Jacoby
recorded ’97 (Stunt records STUCD 19706)

Anders T. Andersen & Part of a Circle

with a.o. Hirlin Riley
recorded ’96 (Olufsen Records docd 5372)

12 Jazz Visits

with a.o. Django Bates
recorded ’96 (Stunt records)

Band of Inner Urge

with August Engkilde and “Band Of Inner Urge”
recorded ’96 (Storyville Records STCD 4210)


with Peter Danstrup and Mustapha Baqbou
recorded ’96 (Dacapo Records DCCD 9426)

Erindringens Brønd

with Kim Kristensen and Mona Larsen
recorded ’96 (Dacapo Records DCCD 9425 )

Days Without Makeup

with Ane Ramløse
recorded ’93 (Storyville Records)

NO 6

with Kasper Winding
recorded ’90 (PCLP8019)

NO 5

with Kasper Winding
recorded ’89 (Pladecompagniet PCLP 8013)


with Gert Frisch piano and Flemming Agerskov trumpet
recorded ’89 (salut records SACD 8437)

Out Of the Blue

with Avantgarden Party
recorded ’88 (Stunt records STULP 8906)

Avantgarden Party

with Avantgarden Party (11 piece band let by saxophoneplayer and composer Helle Hessdorf and organ player and composer Otto Sidenius)
recorded ’87 (Stunt records STULP 8805)

As a composer

Furthermore you’ll find Fredrik’s compositions and arrangements on the following albums:

Six Danish Composers

recorded ’01 (Classico DOCD 380)


Traditional children’s songs, arranged by a host of the best Danish composers
recorded by the choir Musica Ficta and Fredrik (a.o.)
recorded in ’97 (Exlibris EXLCD 30062)

Lee Wise

with Lee Konitz and The Jazzpar Nonet
recorded ’92 (Storyville Records STCD4181)