March 25th

Offpiste Gurus (formerly known as Retro Rocket) wil be playing concerts in April 17th, 23rd and 24th, and June 13th, as well as at Copenhagen Jazzfestival on July 8th. Check myspace for sound and details of concert places.

March 23rd '09

Our wonderful new Lars Gullin-inspired quintet, Silhouette is ending it's little Spring-tour at Jazzkælderen in Copenhagen April 2nd at 20.30. Don't miss it !

February 17th '09

Retro Rocket has now changed it's name to Offpiste Gurus.
We'll be ouring in April. Check myspace for tourdates and sound.

January 15th 2009

Man ! It's really hard to keep up with all the net-up dating: MySpace, Facebook, homepage..... Anyway, lot's of things have happened since I last was here. At the moment Rune Borup and I are working on the Retro Rocket album, and it's sounding great ! Should be released in the fall. For a peak listen to some of the songs you can come to a concert in Odense on the January 31rd at Teater Momentum, where I'll be playing Retro Rocket-songs with a band of music students, as conclusion of a two day orchestra workshop.

October 27th

Silhouette now has a myspace site. Check it out ! 

June 18th '08

Silhouette Christina von Bülow and I have formed a new group, named after that beautiful composition by sweedish barytone saxophonist Lars Gullin. It features yours truly on BARYTONE ! And also Jacob Fischer on guit, Daniel Franck on bass and Jeppe Gram on drums. Our first gig will be at Paradise Jazz in Huset i Magstræde Wednesday September 24th. Be there !

May 15th, 08

Just got a grand from Statens Kunstfond for 80.000 DKR. Now a can finish the work on RETRO ROCKETS latest release.
Listen to premixes from the studio here

November 28th

Interview and concert video with Sound Of Choice
In November Sound Of Choice toured in France. Among 5 club and festival concerts was this one in Toulouse. The 12 minute video is an interview with exerots from the concert.

November 19th

Sound Of Choice plays at Studenter huset in Ålborg November 22nd and at Jazzhus Dexter November 23rd. A rare opportnity to experience SOC live in Denmark !!!

September 20th '07

New concert dates

August 15th

Radio interview with Fredrik about his 25 years in jazz.

July 25th

Fredrik Lundin Awarded the Ben Webster Prize !.
On Friday the 13th (!) of July on a beatiful and sunny evening (one of the very few at this years Copenhagen Jazzfestival), Fredrik was presented with the prize, 25.000 dkr (3.360 euro) and one and a 78 rpm with Coleman Hawkins from Websters private collection.

RETRO ROCKET, Fredriks new small group with Trine-Lise Væring (voc) Rune Funch (g) Nicolai Munch-Hansen (b) and Jeppe Gram (dr), performed twice at this years Copenhagen jazzfestival.
You'll soon be able to listen to live recordings of some of the tunes here.

June 27th

Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2007 is turning out to be one of the more busy ones for Fredrik Lundin: Among other things, I'll be doing a solo improvisation and a duo with Hasse Poulsen at Hofteatret and I'll be premiering my new quintet "RETRO ROCKET" with singer Trine-Lise Væring, Rune Funch on guitars, Nicolai Munch-Hansen on bass and Jeppe Gram on drums, at Teater Plan B in Huset i Rådhusstræde on July 11th, 22.00 and at Mogens Dahl Koncertsal on July 12th, 20.30.I'm very excited about it !
Check out CONCERTS.

Jazzblindebuk med Fredrik.

May 15th

Sound Of Choice will be playing at NattJazz, Bergen, Norway, on the 2nd of June, and again at Copenhagen Jazzfestival on the 8th of July.
Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2007 is turning out to be one of the more busy ones for Fredrik Lundin this year: Among other things, I'll be doing a solo improvisation and a duo with Hasse Poulsen at Hofteatret and I'll be premiering a BRAND NEW QUINTET with singer Trine-Lise Væring, Rune Funch on guitars, Nicolai Munch-Hansen on bass and Jeppe Gram on drums. I'm very excited about it ! Check out CONCERTS.

Jazzblindebuk med Fredrik.

April 30th

Now Radiostar's new album is out !
"It Cannot Bleed" Check it out on and

March 14th

Now you can listen to several of Fredriks albums on, the net radio, and it's all the tracks, full length!!!!
"Music For Dreamers", Lundin/Danemo Kvartet
"Music For Dancers", Lundin/Danemo Kvartet
"Pieces of....", Fredrik Lundin Quintet feat. Paul Bley
"Desde el norde...", Dos Mundos, playing Lundins arrangements of Argentinian Folksongs
"Choose Your Boots", Fredrik Lundin Overdrive
"Belly-up", Fredrik Lundin Overdrive
And, what's more, you can even download some live-tracks for free !!!!:
Overdrive Live in Berlin

Febr. 9th Fredrik Lundin Overdrive live at Pizza Express in London Thursday February 22nd

Nov. 22nd

I øjeblikket kan man hér lytte til "Søndagsklassikeren", hvor Jørgen Emborg, Boris Rabinowitz og jeg lytter til og snakker om klavertrioer i 3 timer.

Oct. 5th

Concerts with Overdrive in Germany, Jonas Johansen Move in Argentina, Sound Of Choice in Germany and France, and with an exciting colaboration between Baroqu Fever, Jon Balke, Trine-LIse Vaering and Lundin. Checkconcert dates only section.

October 4th '06

For tiden kan du
lytte til et interview i jazznyt med Fredrik om hans 25 års musiker jubilæum.

October 3rd '06

Watch videos on!

October 3rd '06

Overdrive live in Germany
From October 25th to November 4th, you can experience Overdrive live in Berlin, Dortmund, Hamburg and München. Check concert dates only for details.

August 30th '06

You can now listen to tracks from Fredrik Lundin Overdrive's concert in Berlin at BerlinJazzfest.

August 23rd '06

New concert dates with Marilyn Mazur in Patras, Greece - 5 Songs and Jonas Johansen Move in Hillerød - 25 years ANIVERSARY CONCERTS IN COPENHAGEN JAZZHOUSE Click concert dates only section!


Aniversary concerts at Copenhagen Jazzhouse

On the 28th and the 29th of September I celebrate my 25 years on the Jazz Scene with two double-concerts at Copenhagen Jazzhouse, featuring both a 14 piece aniversary-band and Overdrive + rapper Per Vers !!!! It's gonna be the musical event of the fall 2006 in Copenhagen !!!!!

The Aniversary Band:

Trine-Lise Væring - vok Kasper Trandberg - tp Maj Berit Guassora - tp Peter Fuglsang - cl, as, bcl., fl. Anders Banke - brs, bcl F.L. - ts, ss, fl, elektr. Erling Kroner - tb Peter Dahlgren - tb Jakob Munck - tuba, btb Niclas Knudsen - guit, lab steel Hasse Poulsen - guit, præparations, elektr. Nicolai Munck-Hansen - bass Kresten Osgood - tr Lars Juul - tr, elektr.

June 4th-06

SOUND OF CHOICE' "RUGBY IN JAPAN" out in Denmark now !!!

Check out sound bites in the discography section. Buy it at Jazzkælderen !

May 14th '06

New Concerts with Jon Balke and with Sound Of Choice
Click concert dates only section!
Jon Balke Magnetic North Orchestra in Brorsons kirken på Nørrebro May 28th, kl. 18.00
Sound Of Choice cd-release concert at Copenhagen Jazzhouse June 1st, AT LAST ! "Rugby In Japan" is comming out !!!Check Sound Of Choice in the discography for sound bites of this, our most eclectic release to date

March 25. '06

Overdrive-concerts in April
18/4-06 Fasching, Stockholm
19/4-06 Club Conscious, Rytmisk musikkonservatorium
20/4-06 Skive teater, Skive jazzklub.
21/4 Danish Music Awards/jazz, Vega, Copenhagen
Come in out of the cold and rain of the Scandinavian spring, and experience the humid summer heat of an Overdrive concert
If you like the sound of Charles Mingus, Dr. John, Leadbelly, Gil Evans, you might like the big sound of Overdrive

March 23. '06

New interview. Portrait in Jazz Special Dec. '05. Go to miscellaneous/interviews

Febr. 5. '06

New Overdrive concert dates - check out concert dates section!

Jan. 31. '06

On February 13th, 21.05-22.00 you can listen to Deuthclandfunks broadcast of Overdrives koncert at the JazzFest Berlin 2005, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, or you can listen to it from Deutchlandfunks homepage, from this date on.

Jan. 21 '06

Fredrik Lundin Overdrive, some concert dates. Click "concert dates only"

Jan. 18th '06

On the 28th of February Fredriks going to be soloist with Jon Balkes percussion-constellation "Batagraf" at Jeriko in Malmö.
Arr. Jazz i Malmö.

Jan. 11th 2006

Now you can listen to excerpts from my music for the dance performance Rå Flade, featuring singer Trine-Lise Væring, and Sound Of Choice
Go to miscellaneous section/works in progress.

Jan. 17th 2006

New concerts with SOUND OF CHOICE - check out concert dates section!
NEW CD, "Rugby In Japan" on the way. Check Sound Of Choice in the discography for sound bites of this, our most eclectic release to date.

31 / 8 / 2005
New cd with Peter Danemo Kapell out now !!!

Resonance (dB-Productions)

Check it out on Peters homepage: Peter Danemo

8 / 19 / 2005

New concert dates:
1/10 Århus, Studentehuset Nordhavnsg. 1 with Overdrive (arr. Sunship)
11/10 Testrup Højskole with Overdrive
12/10 Levanger, Norway with Overdrive
13/10 Inderøy, Norway with Overdrive
14/10 Trondheim Jazzforum with Overdrive
2/11 Jazz Esbjerg with Overdrive
Also 2-5/11 on Den anden Opera in Copenhagen:
Rå Flade, a modern dance performance by Lars Dahl Pedersen , for which I’ve created the music together with Sound Of Choice. The performance will feature singer Trine-Lise Væring live.
Read more about Rå Flade in the Work in progress-section (in Danish).

8 / 10 / 2005

I’m pleased to announce that I now have a booker in Germany, Mr. Jan Fritz of Jazzmedia and More.

6 / 2 / 2005

In the fall 2006 I plan to celebrate my (by then) 25 years in the music bussiness with two concerts in Copenhagen Jazzhouse. Each night will consist of a first set with a large and colourfull band with new and old friends playing music written for the occasion and a second set played by Overdrive (propably some new music there as well). I’m convinced it’s going to be quite astounding!

5 / 26 / 2005

Sound Of Choice is currently working on there 4th release as a trio. Release expected to be the end of 2005/beginning of 2006 on Pao Records, the company that also released the bands colaboration with the “Ixi String quartet” , “Invisible Correspondance” (Pao 11020). The new trio-recording will feature lots of very exciting new sounds. From ultra short pure electronic impros to longer inpross, that, in the studio, have been turned into something that resembles pop-songs with both Hasse Poulsen and Fredrik Lundin singing, from heavy metal jazz to ECM-like ballads. Our most eclectic release to date.

5 / 20 / 2005

Some tour dates are now available:
20/5 Nefertiti, göteborg with Jon Balke Magnetic North
21/5 Fasching in Stockholm with Jon Balke Magnetic North
3/6 Festivale i Ferrara, Italily with Jon Balke Magnetic North
24/6 Copenhagen Jazzhouse with Jonas Johansen Move
2/7 15.00 Copenhagen Jazzfestival with Hans Ulrik Sextet
3/7 kl. 15.00 CJF with Michael Blicher Five Songs
4/7 kl. kl. 17.00 CJF, Kongens Have with Fredrik Lundin Overdrive
6/7 kl. 21.00 and 23.00 Festival International de Jazz de montreal with Overdrive
8/7 Kongsberg Jazzfestival, Norway with Jon Balke Magnetic North
15/7 Århus Jazzfestival with Michael Blicher Five Songs
10/8 The Lisabon International Jazzfestival with Sound of Choice
11/8 Brechhidda jazz festival, Sardinia, Italy with Jon Balke Magnetic North
12-13/11 The Lisabon International Jazzfestival with Sound of Choice
6/10 Vilnius with Jon Balke Magnetic North
20/10 Ålborg with Michael Blicher Five Songs
22/10 Viborg with Michael Blicher Five Songs
29/10 Blågårds apotek, Copenhagen with Michael Blicher Five Songs
5/11 Berliner Jazzfestspielse with Overdrive
20/11 Copenhagen Jazzhouse with Magnetic North
9/12 Reims, France with Invisible Correspondance
19-20/1-06 Poitier, France with invisible Correspondance

5 / 10 / 2005

Fredrik Lundin welcomes you to his brand new website. It is designed by Paul Wilson at yellow1 and coded by Pelle Svane Jakobsen