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Offpiste Gurus

Fredriks latest project. a tight little unit, with a big, fat sound, featuring singer Trine-Lise Væring, Rune Funch - guit, Nicolai Munch-Hansen - bass, Jeppe Gram - drums and the leader on tenor, soprano, and barytone (!). Music by Fredrik and lyrics by Trine-Lise. Bluesy, goovy. Listen to some of the songs from our comming release at myspace

Fredrik Lundin Overdrive

An 11 piece band, founded in 2000. Fredrik Lundin Overdrive released it’s first album Choose Your Boots, in 2001. All the music was composed and arranged by Lundin. The album won the Danish Music Award for best jazzrelease 2001 and also the jazz magazine Jazz Specials prize for release of the year.

Further more, when the newspaper Politiken decided to let its arts critics make a Danish cultural canon, “Choose Your Boots” were among the 5 unavoidable jazz albums.

The band’s second album, “Fredrik Lundin Overdrive Plays the Music Of Leadbelly, Belly-up”, were released in 2004. The music is Lundins arrangements/interpretations of Leadbellys songs. Execptionally “Belly-up” was also awarded the Danish Music Award for best jazz release 2004. If you want, you can read excerpts or the whole reviews of “Choose Your Boots”. You can also read excerpts or the whole reviews of that album.

Since 2001 the band has toured regularily, twice a year, in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. In 2002 the band went on a 8 concerts tour of the Canadian Jazz Festivals. In 2005 the band played at JazzFest Berlin, at Festspielhaus. You can listen to the Deutchlandfunks recording of that concert.

The band is

Fredrik Lundin — saxes
Krister Jonsson — guitar
Henrik Gunde — keyboards
Jens Kristian Uhrenholdt — double bass
Jonas Johansen — drums
Emil De Waal — drums
Maj Berit Guassora — trumpet
Lis Wessberg — trombone
Mia Engsager — trombone
Ola Nordquist — bass trombone
Klaus Löhrer — bass trombone and tuba

The music is naturally very much centered around groove, and the sound of the band is strong, warm and colourful. Traces of “roots music”, Mingus, Gil Evans, Dr. John and others are evident in the music. The band has at its disposal several eminent soloists.

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Silhouette Christina von Bülow - alto, Fredrik Lundin - barytone, Jacob Fischer - guit, Daniel Franck - bass and Jeppe Gram - drums.

Sound Of Choice

Sound Of Choice is

Hasse Poulsen — guitars and electronics
Fredrik Lundin — saxes, flutes and elctronics
Lars Juul — drums and electronics

Lundin has played with the band for more than 10 years.
SOC started out with trumpeter Jens Hørsving, who were replaced by Lundin. Then after about a year classical percussionist Thomas Sandberg and tenorsaxophonist Lars Møller joined the band.

The band released Sound Of Choice (AV-ART records) in 1995 and Dynamics (Av-Art records, in 1998.
The band toured Denmark and Sweden. Then, from 2000, the band was back to the original trio format, and released Back Street Theatre (
SOC has developed it’s own very personal sound and aproach to the improvised music. The music started out being compositions and sketches by, first of all, Hasse Poulsen, several of which were recorded on “Sound Of Choice”. They gradually, at concerts, morphed in to one-hour long fully improvised sets. Now, the sounds they’ve found during their years of experimentation, are used in contexts that resemble actual tunes. These tunes, however, are still a point of departure for free improvisation. Both Poulsen, Lundin and Juul uses electronics a lot in the band, the samplers and delay-machines playing an important role.

Sound Of Choice is currently working on there 4th release as a trio. Release expected to be the end of 2005/beginning of 2006 on Pao Records, the company that also released the bands colaboration with the “Ixi String quartet” , “Invisible Correspondance” (Pao 11020). The new trio-recording will feature lots of very exciting new sounds. From ultra short pure electronic impros to longer inpross, that, in the studio, have been turned into something that resembles pop-songs with both Hasse Poulsen and Fredrik Lundin singing, from heavy metal jazz to ECM-like ballads. Our most eclectic release to date.

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Jonas Johansen Move

Move was formed in 1992 by drummer Jonas Johansen, and featured
Lundin on saxes,
Ben Besiakov on piano and
Lars Danielsson on bass.

The band released its first album, Move in 1995, and its second Please Move in ’99 (which was nominated for a Grammy for best jazz-release).
Later Anders Christensen replaces Danielsson and the band releases its third album Move ’up in 2003. The music is accoustic, modern jazz, mainly written by Lundin and Johansen.

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Jon Balke Magnetic North

The band is

Per Jørgensen — tp and vocal
Lundin — saxes and bass flute
Bjarte Eike — violin
Peter Spissky — violin
Thomas Pitt — cello
Jon Balke — p and keyboards
Helhe Andreas Nordbakken — percussion
Ingar Zach — percussion

Lundin joined the band in 2003 during their recording of the album Diverted Travels for ECM records in 2003.
The music is Balkes very distinctive writing, and build around the three baroc-stringplayers and the percussion, at the same time a very etherical and very rhythmically explosive music.

Lundin has collaborated with Balke already in ’98 in the recording of the album Saturation. The band played a concert at Vossa Jazz Festival the following year.

Magnetic North has existed for more than 12 years in a variety of different formats.

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Michael Blicher 5 Songs

Michael Blicher and Lundin tenorsaxes
Niclas Knudsen — guitars
Thomas Vang — el bass
Anders Holm — drums

The band, which consists of some of the most tallented musicians from the younger generation, was founded in 2003 and plays the music of Blicher; very distinctive songs with a sort of country-jazz sound to them. The bands debut, "It Cannot Bleed", to be released in April 2007. >Listen to some of the music from "It Cannot Bleed"

Henrik Metz/Fredrik Lundin

Henrik and I met a Brandbjerg summer jazz course where I taught, sometime in the late 80’s, and have collaborated on and off since then. Henrik is a classically educated piano player (have recently released a double-cd of Mozart piano works).

In ’90 we recorded “Silhouettes” a collection af standard ballads, some Grieg and a Lars Gullin-tune, and released it to great acclaim and raving reviews. In ’92 we collaborated with Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen on “Henrik Metz, Fredrik Lundin, N.H.Ø.Pedersen”, a collection, again, of standard ballads and this time traditional Danish songs. This cd was received with no less enthusiasm by the press. We are now planning a third release together with a choir, playing Swedish folk songs. See discograhy for more info.

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Bo Stief New Dreams

New Dreams is a duo with bass player Bo Stief.
The music is mostly by Stief with a few contributuions by Lundin. Stief and Lundin both uses delay machines extensively along with the saxophones, flutes and Stiefs semi accoustic bass guitar and the double bass.

The music reflects he two musicians very broad, eclectic musical outlook, going from open, ambient sounding loops to hardswinging jazz.

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