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The world is throwing all kinds of kindesses at “It Takes All Kinds To Make a World”. Read full reviews in reviews.



Big Band album underway !

November 11th I'll be releasing album with brand new music for big band. Stay tuned !



Together with Jens Rasmussen I've created a podcast about great jazz albums. It's really good, if your either a jazz nerd, or someone, who'd like a guided tour into the wonderful world of jazz.

Be warned though, the podcast is…

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Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Been digging through old sheet music, and found this one, my only successful attempt at writing a 12 bar blues theme (turned out I needed 13 bars). Enjoy. Recorded under lockdow January 24th 2021.


Time to Go Home

Here's a song by Trinelise Væring and me from 2006, that we did a version of during lock down (January 3rd). Trinelise sings and I take care of the rest.



Merry Christmas everyone !

Here's Trinelise's and my (somewhat solemn) version of Silent Night - created while in carentine. Have a wonderful Christmas and a hopefully better New Year!