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- 5 Go Adventuring again

Fredrik Lundin - saxophones
Tomasz Dabrowski - trumpet
Petter Hängsel - trombone and Sylo synth
Joel Illerhag - Swedish harp bass ©
Anders Provis -drums and percussion

With the quintet FIVE GO ADVENURING AGAIN, Lundin has created unique a “small” band with a very large sound. The five musicians take advantage of the orchestra’s sound possibilities, and in the compositions, provide ample space to utilize their improvisational potential. The explosive music is tempered by the Polish trumpeter Tomasz Dabrowski, two Swedes: Petter Hängsel on trombone/synthhezeizer and Joel Illerhag on the bazantar (a homemade double bass with resonance strings), and two Danes: Anders Provis on acoustic and electric drums, and the Maestro himself on various saxophones. 

For Fredrik Lundin, the mission has always been about telling stories. What captures him is the emotional impact of music, and he has just written a slew of new material with a voice that embraces 50 years of inspiration, from James Blake to Jon Balke, from Bela Bartok to T-Bone Burnett, and from Paul Bley to Leadbelly. 

He creates an almost cinematic universe that forges poignant images on the listener’s inner canvas - from drum’n’bass to free-form jazz, from dark Nordic jazz ballads to light and lyrical Americana. All gathered in a powerful and refined musical landscape that demonstrates the whole of of Lundin’s emotional expression palate, from sharp lyricism to frantic expressionism. Once again, Fredrik exhibits his great skills as a composer and band leader, presented on an album with many nuances and deep layers, but also not without humour. 

With FIVE GO ADVENTURING AGAIN, Lundin returns to the format with which he successfully debuted on the Scandinavian jazz scene in the mid-eighties: drums, bass, and horns. A special format, because without the presence of a traditional chordal instrument, it appears openly and intermittently bare in its expression, while giving Lundin the optimal opportunity to present its dense, colourful music, using all the available acoustic accoutrement, including brass with mutes, his own 3 saxophones, the bazantar bass, bells and percussion, and much more. It is the ideal setting for Fredrik Lundin as both a composer and the powerful soloist he has always been. A few years ago, on the occasion of Fredrik’s 50th birthday, the Danish newspaper Politiken’s jazz writer and critic Christian Munch-Hansen wrote that Lundin is considered by many to be “the most complete and talented musician of his generation” and “an artist with more heart than most.”

The bands debut album, "5 Go Adventuring Again" was awarded the Carl Nielsen Prize 2018, Danish Music Award best Jazz Composer 2018 and Jazz Special: Best album 2018. Honorable Mention by New York Jazz Records. 

Music from the album "5 Go Adventuring again"

- Wondering is an attempt at depicting the way thoughts come and go, when you're in a contemplative mode. They drift into your mind unsolicited, interspersed by absolute nothingness. Then little by little they start to correlate, gradually merging into coherency.

- Crumbling Castles  
There's something endlessly fascinating about old ruins. They can be places of absolute peace and quite, while at the same time they are evidence of the failure and fall of civilizations. To me, the way the world looks now, ruins are reminders of the fact that we shouldn’t take anything for granted.

- Jumping Jack 
A insouciant, loose-jointed jumping all over the place.

 - Prairie Dreams 
We are on the somewhat worn porch of a farmhouse facing the endless rolling grass sea of the prairie. A light wind is blowing, a distant cry from a bird of prey, and nearer still the occasional squeak of a small windmill. A rare moment of peaceful contemplation.

- Being in a Dark Place.  
Most of us have experienced being in a, dark place of mind.  It is no fun being there, yet that darkness can be a source of great artistic inspiration.

More music from the album, live videos from the recording session.

The Hound of Baskerville was written for a theater version of Conan Doyle's novel. We're in the old garden of the grand, but austere Baskerville hall. The garden is bordering on the Dartmoor heath. It's evening, fog is wafting in from the moor, the only sound is that of the wind and the occasional drip of water. As you well know, something is about to happen.

Sometimes surviving everyday life is like being in an action movie escape scene: You run as fast as you possibly can, while trying to dodge the missiles that life hauls at you.

Live at Copenhagen's Jazzhus Montmartre, August 2017

- Silhouette

LIve from Sweden 2013

From the album "Silhouette"

Videos from the studio and from Lithuania feat. Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra