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“MaLuBa Orchestra”  (Stunt Records 2019 STUCD 19042)

Music by Marilyn Mazur, Fredrik Lundin and Kasper Bai.

Maluba Orchestra are:

Fredrik Lundin (tenor and mezzo soprano saxes and flutes)   
Christina von Bülow (alto saxophone and flute)   
Pernille Bévort (tenor sax, alto flute and bass clarinet)   
Jesper Løvdal (barri tone sax, contra bassclarinet, clarinet and alto flute)   
Tomasz Dąbrowski (trumpet)   
Maj Berit Guassora (trumpet and flugel horn)   
Mia Engsager (trombone)   
Annette Saxe (bass trombone and tuba)   
Kasper Bai (guitar)   
Makiko Hirabayashi (piano and keyboards)   
Klavs Hovman (double and electric basses)   
Bjørn Heebøll has replaced Emil de Waal (acoustic and electric drums)   
Marilyn Mazur (percussion)

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- “5 Go Adventuring Again” with 5 Go Adventuring Again
     (Stunt Records 2017 STUCD 17162)

Fredrik Lundin - saxes, Tomasz Dabrowski - tp, Petter Hängsel - tb, Sylo synth, Joel Illerhag - Swedish harp bass and Anders Provis - dr, perc.

Music by Lundin

Lundin was awarded The Carl Prize, jazz composer of the year and a Danish Music Award - best composer, for the music for this album. Furthermore the magazine Jazz Special woted it Jazz release of the year.

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- “In Case of Fire” with Offpiste Gurus (Enja/Yellowbird 2015)

Trinelise Væring - voc, banjo, Korg synth, Fredrik Lundin - saxes and voc, Thomas Vang - bass, Bass Fender rhodes, violin and Jeppe Gram - drums and voc.

Music by Væring/Lundin

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- “Silhouette” with the band Silhouette (2011 Stunt Records)

Christina von Bülow - alto sax, Fredrik Lundin - baritone sax, Jacob Fischer - guitar, Daniel Franck - bass and Jeppe Gram - drums

Music by Lars Gullin, Bülow and Lundin

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