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A humorous performance about body and technology, Ages 6 years +  

Technology is all around us, within us and between us. We love to play computer games, send snapchats and text messages, watch Youtube and to be on the internet – each on our individual screens. We are in contact with all of the world like this – but maybe we are not in contact with the persons who are right next to us – nor in contact with ourselves.  
So, what do you do, when you would like to play with somebody, who prefers to play games on a screen instead of playing with you? When are you really together with somebody? And what if the person you spend time with is actually a machine?  

In a physical and humorous way, Folmer, Ole and Antoinette investigate our world filled with screens, artificial intelligence and human presence. 

Idea + concept + choreography + direction: Thomas Eisenhardt and Catherine Poher  
Dancers + choreography: Antoinette Helbing and Ole Birger Hansen,  
Performer: Folmer Kristensen,  
Music: Fredrik Lundin  
Costumes: Charlotte Østergaard  
Production manager: Madeleine Lind Hoppe  
Light + video + technique: Elke Laleman  
Technical student: Joakim Bruhn Krogh Rødgaard  
Photo: Ditte Valente  
Graphics: Line Thornberg  
Produced by Aaben Dans

Ai! Ai! Ai! 2018



Childrens theater puppet version of  Shakespeare's King Lear by Jacques Matthiessen.

The Puppets were made out of tin cans, so I chose to use tin cans in different sizes to generate the percussions sounds you hear.

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