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Tone of Voice Orchestra LIVE ! 

A couple of weeks ago Tone of Voice Orchestra played a blast of a concert at Brorsons Church as part of Copenhagen Jazz Festival.
This was our third public appearance, the first being the birth of the band at the small alternative music club 5e in Copenhagens meat district, the second the live streamed concert from MillFactory studio in Copenhagens North West, where we played live in the studio in front of a small invited audience.

The Brorsons Church concert was therefore a fulfilment of a dream and of the notion that this music and this incredible band will speak with fervour to a large audience.
In the "Current bands"-section on my site, you can find a recording and a slide show from this latest concert - "That Kind of Day". Check it out !

On Wednesday August 7th, that's next week, we'll be playing at the Jam Days Festival in Odense - we can hardly wait !!!!


Blindebuk med undertegnede i Radiojazz. Brian Petro spiller saxofonister for mig.

Nu kan danskere høre mig tale om mine store instrumentkolleger og hvad de har betydet for mig. 

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Taa-daa ! My new website's up and running !  

Taa-daa ! My new website's up and running ! My old friend, drummer Jonas Johansen felt it was appropriate to celebrate that with this song - "Taa-daa" from his album Timbero with the band Blanco y Negro featuring Karl-Martin Almqvist (Saxophones), Abel Marcel (Piano), Yasser Morejón (Bass) and Eliel Lazo (Percussion, Vocals & Drums).
Listen to it here: Taa-daa