Tone of Voice Orchestra

Photo by Karin Rørbech

Photo by Karin Rørbech

Tone of Voice Orchestra is an ebullient and colorfull powerhouse of a band, featuring 10 musicians from the Danish folk-, world-, jazz-, impro- and indie rock-scene. This unorthodox  line-up of 4 singers, violin, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, shawm, saxophones, 2 drummers, and a Swedish harp bass, is a new sound!  

All of the 5 women and 5 men in the band are sought-after artists in there own right, known from such popular bands as Spöket i köket, Basko, Floating Sofa Quartet, Trolska Polska, Stundom, The Glas Vocal Ensemble, Visible Voices, the Art of Escapism, Rybacka/Stefan Pasborg, Offpiste Gurus, Trinelise Væring Band, 5 Go Adventuring Again, Hess is More, and many more.  
All these different musical voices meet in a common language all its own.  

Tone of Voice Orchestra are:  
Trinelise Væring, Ania Rybacka, Maria Kynne and Tine Refsgaard, - vocals ,
Emma Kragh-Elmøe - violin, Christian Mohr Levisen, who by November 2020 replaces Mads Kjøller-Henningsen on hurdy-gurdy, bagpibes and cittern, Fredrik Lundin - saxes and bass flute, Joel Illerhag - Swedish harp bass, Jesper Uno Kofoed and Anders Provis - drums and percussion.  


ToVO Youtube Channel


Live from Millfactory, Brorsons kirke and Atlas, århus

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Live from Atlas, aarhus december 7th 2019

Live recording from Atlas, Aarhus.

December 7th 2019.

LIve at brosons church Copenhagen jazz festival 2019

Recorded live at Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Photos by Karin Rørbech
1. That Kind of Day
2. Typecast
3. He Loves Her for It
4. Heartless

Live at MillFactory studio 2018

Press photo and text for download

ToVO live at Brorsons kirke 2019. photos by Karin Rørbech