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Thank you 2023 !

2023's been a great year for us. 12 concerts all around the country and a high point, geographically as well as musically at Urkult Festival in Sweden.
Looking forward to Halkær Festival June 7th and Le Het Lindeboom Festival (France)…

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About TOVO

Back in 2018 Copenhagen natives, singer songwriter Trinelise Væring and multiple Danish Music Award-winner jazz saxophonist Fredrik Lundin, handpicked an ensemble of musicians from very different walks of the Scandinavian music scene for what they imagined to be a special project for one special occasion only.
Three years and a covid-pandemic later they lead an ebullient 10 piece powerhouse of a band with a new album on the way and enough live concerts already under the belt to call themselves a touring band. 

With a genre fluid approach to songwriting and an all together unconventional instrumentation with 4 vibrant singers, fiddle, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, cittern, saxophones, flutes, 2 drummers and double bass, Tone of Voice Orchestra offers adistinctive and fresh new sound.
Catchy hooklines, shamanic beats, evocative lyrics in combination with strong individual contributions from each band member, create a range of expressions spanning from the enchanted to the mundane, from the sorrowful to the ecstatic.

Tone of Voice Orchestra comfortably straddles the divide between multiple genres such as Scandinavian roots, jazz and indie-pop, while blending the famous Scandinavian sound with global folklore, Americana and North African textures as well as a variety of indie-pop and alternative folk bands. All of these influences from i.a. Eastern European feed into one another and grow lush new forms when added to Tone of Voice Orchestra’s melting pot.

Tone of Voice Orchestra’s debut album , Tone of Voice Orchestra, produced by Dennis Ahlgren, was released on March 11th, 2022. Listen below. The album was awarded a Danish Music Award “Jazz Vocal Release of the Year”

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There's also a downloadable PDF with excerpts HERE

Vocals - Trinelise Væring, Elisabeth Vik, Lene Nørgaard and Nanna Schou Dreier
Hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, cittern - Christian Mohr Levisen
Fiddle - Emma Kragh-Elmøe/Arendse Nordtorp Pedersen/Annelene
Saxophones and flutes - Fredrik Lundin
Double bass - Joel Illerhag
Drums & percussion - Jesper Uno Kofoed and Anders Provis

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