Praise for "It Takes All Kinds To Make a World"

Thomas Michelsen
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  “En lille genistreg” 
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Music an sich (D) Wolfgang Giese
19 bis 20 = Überflieger 
“Alle Elemente und Zutaten sind perfekt miteinander verflochten worden, und stets weht ein Geist von Entdeckung und Aufbruchstimmung mit, es gibt keine verklebten oder starr wirkenden Arrangements, vielmehr regieren Überraschung und spontan wirkende Entwicklung innerhalb der einzelnen Songs.”
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Jazz in Europe
Jan Veldman 
The arrangements are have a highly personal and quite “Out of the Box” when compared to the work of other arrangers, they are multilayered, intriguing and contain more twists and turns than an Italian mountain road. 
This is perhaps one of the most exciting Big Band Albums I’ve had the pleasure of hearing so far this year. 
This album is not for those listeners with a weak constitution however it all makes sense. Frederik Lundin has done an amazing job to presenting an album that has all the impact of a large ensemble while keeping the freedom and flexibility of a small band. 
I highly recommend this album to all adventurous lovers of Big Band music and I urge the more conservative listener to take a chance. The Press release made the bold statement that the album is “an undeniably modern, transportive listening experience” and I couldn’t agree more.
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Jazz Journal  (UK)
Michael Tucker 
It may not save the planet, but It Takes All Kinds To Make A World sure as hell is some special honey to the soul.
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Jazz Special (DK), Jan Granlie
“ storslået bigband-album, der strækker et godt stykke længere end traditionelle bigbands.”
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Donos Kulturalny (Pol)
….a stylistically diverse and perfectly balanced work. ….great, modern and extremely attractive music.
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VerhoovensJazz. (Ty)
"Ein in sich kraftvolles Werk mit unterschiedlichen Lesarten, eine mitreißende wie umwerfende Aufnahme."
"Gehört zu Best of Bigband 2022!"
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Laboratorium muzycznych fuzjl (Pol)
Marcin Pulawski
“Although "It Takes All Kinds To Make A World" touches on difficult topics, in its dynamics and stylistic diversity it brings hope, a positive message and a call to openness, kindness and tolerance.”
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Blue in Green RADIO (UK)
Imran Mirza
“'It Takes All Kinds To Make A World' is an incredible album and a release that would sit proudly amongst both Fredrik Lundin and the Odense Jazz Orchestra's finest works.  Its music serves as a passionate and relevant voice in times where these voices are needed.”
full review (UK)
Mr. Olivetti
“This sense of joy and camaraderie is irrepressible across the whole album and Fredrik’s compositions are really brought to life by the Odense Jazz Orchestra. It Takes All Kinds To Make A World is a joy of a listen and thoroughly recommended.” full review

Americana (USA)
Jeff Burger “ you’re bound to be enthralled by these richly textured and consistently satisfying performances, which prove Lundin to be just as impressive as a composer as he is on tenor and soprano sax.”
full review (Ty) meint:
“Diese Scheibe ist ein Mosaik aus überraschenden Ideen. Die Formen der Stücke sind umfangreich und scheinen sich sehr frei zu entwickeln, obwohl sie gleichzeitig verschiedene vom Autor vorgesehene "besondere Passagen" aufweisen, kleine Zwischenspiele, die die Form bereichern. Das Ganze ist spannend und sehr interessant”.

SK (Slovakiet) ★★★★☆ 
Eric Therer 
"Le travail d’arrangement est remarquable, prestement desservi par l’orchestre conduit par Torben Sminge."
"Hommage écologique captivant."
(“The arrangement work is remarkable, nimbly served by the orchestra conducted by Torben Sminge.” 
“A captivating ecological tribute”. )
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Praise for "Tone of Voice Orchestra"

ALBUM REVIEWS (live reviews below)

Folk Radio (UK) “This music defies description or categorization, and I love it.” 
“combining Scandinavian roots with indie folk, jazz and global influences, exceptional harmonies and sophisticated lyrics; they will draw you back again and again. An exceptional debut." Full review 

Monolith Cocktail (USA): “very impressive” 
“Gypsy encampments, meanders across the Balkans, lingering’s of old Iberia and Rajasthan, and exotic camel-motioned creeps through jungles beckon on an album of slinking and rolling beautiful mooching, swells and gravitas. 
A very impressive start to a multifaceted dynamic that seems to easily sit between the contemporary and past.” Full review 

Metronome (USA) “Something completely new” 
“From left field Denmark we get these refreshing folky/jazzy artists delivering something completely new. (...) The ladies sing like sirens, but aren’t afraid to make a point. You’ll get goosebumps (...) innovative music” print only 

Jazz Journal (UK) “A terrific release” 
“Superb musicianship all round.(...) The dynamics of the music are especially captivating, including some lovely moments of quietude and intimacy (...) there is a deft interplay of matters rubato and rhythmic, modal and harmonic, major and minor, which works as seamlessly as the variegated blends of voice and instrument, solo and group figures. A terrific release.” (Limited access) 

Glide Magazine (USA) - “Tone of Voice Orchestra Stuns” 
“Tone of Voice Orchestra Stuns With Unconventional Instrumentation, Make sure to check out the rest of Tone of Voice’s self-titled album” shout out 

Rootsworld Magazine (USA) “It is truly fresh” 
“ Lyrics are whip smart, witty and surprising.(...) creative and sonically complex (....) It is truly fresh, energizing and has lush textures and beats.(...) It’s pop music for grown ups. Adult but playful. I’ll take some of that” Full review 

Jazz Views (UK) “This is music that demands a response”
There is something particularly attention-grabbing in the ways that the ‘live’ mix of voices and the ways in which the singers find and spin their harmonies.(...)This is music that demands a response – be that clapping, stomping, dancing or simply nodding along with a smile at the music and sardonic grins at the accuracy of Vaering’s observations in her lyrics. ” Full review

The Jazz Rag (UK) “a striking whole”
This remarkable CD (...) just a matter of enjoying music that defies categories. (..) The pointed Lyrics are supported by a wonderfully energetic band, with solo parts being subsumed into a striking whole” print only 

Rhythms (Australia) “extraordinary debut release” 
This veteran reviewer has never heard an album or indeed a band quite like the eponymous Tone of Voice Orchestra (...) Middle Eastern modalities cohabit with medieval tunes and free-form-jazz in what is an extraordinary debut release from a refreshing unorthodox collective. ” print only 

Maximum Ink (USA) “A marvelous collaboration” 
Incorporating contemporary fairy tales into real-life delights and blossoming thoughts,ToVO’s celestial messengers address modern problems and universal concerns as meditative drum-circles merge with nurturing self-worth and campfire mirth, a rumbling coven of fertile dervishes manifesting tantric mantras with aspiring choirs, unfolding solos and simmering rhythms patiently weighing hypnotic options” Full review 

The Phil Thomas Reviews Podcast (UK) “poetic lyrics and some truly astounding singing" 
“on the face of it, this strange combination shouldn’t work, but it definitely does. It’s a surprise - but what really makes this album shine is that it is held together by deep poetic lyrics and some truly astounding singing.....” Listen 

RnR Magazine (UK) “A cohesive whole that’s the ideal setting for the glorious harmonies of the singers. The result of that vary from the tribal voices of “heartless” to the bright and breezy pop of Lovey-Doveyin”, 
a song with Hit Single written all over it.” (Print only) 

Americana Highways (USA) - “you want to stay tuned for whatever Tone of Voice Orchestra does next." Full review

Tinnitist (USA) - “Tone Of Voice Orchestra put you under their spell (...) uniquely irresistible new single He Loves Her For It — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist” Full review 

York Calling (UK) - “Tone of Voice Orchestra have a richness of sound that really sets them apart.” Shout Out

The Aquarian (USA) - “adventurous and full of surprises” Full review

 More kind reviews of our album on: Blogcritics (USA), By Jeff Burger (USA), Fabfourum (UK) 

Originally In Danish/Swedish/Norwegian/German/French/Italien/Japanese/Czech: 

Jazzthing + Augsburger Allgemeine (DE) “the global music village celebrates a new attraction. Listen carefully” (print only)

LIRA (SE) “Something Special (...) a sound and a constellation very much their own, which is admirable.(...) beautiful, complex yet simple melodies(...) a wonderful album!” Full Review 

Foolk Magazine (Italy) "He Loves Her for It", the first song of the album, leads into a splendid crescendo that gradually involves percussions, voices” Full review 

Musica Terra (JAPAN)“ The band magically makes the music feel both simple and sophisticated at the same time.
The drone from the hurry-gurdy brings depth to the soundscape and give it a unique charm.” Full review 

Dag og Tid (NO) “ Tone of voice orchestra makes marvelous music (...) the music captures you from first note, yet turns out to be very durable” (print only) 

Politiken ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ (DK):“A refreshing and openminded cross-fertilization of jazz, folk, world and pop.” Full Review 

Couleurs Jazz (FR):“A really wild Danish album (..) sounds like nothing else. (..) captures the essence of many genres we like. Read

★★★★★ GAFFA (DK):“The music on this self titled album is deeply original. Full Review 

Weekendavisen: “an original idea (...) and even better it works splendidly (print only) Orkesterjournalen (Tidningen JAZZ (SE): “A very charming production avoiding any definable genre. Recommended” (print) 

UNI Magazin (CZ) “aspires to be one of the most exciting musical events this year on the Nordic scene.” Full Review

Jazzspecial (DK) “deserves the utmost attention and praise” (print only) 

Side 33 (DK): Musically openminded (...) interesting and exiting “ Full review

Concerto (AT): "Sonically exciting, delicately nuanced yet still powerfull” (print only) 

Kultur und Gesellschaft (AT):“The fascinatingTone ofVoice Orchestra already sounds unique and original” Full Review Nettavisen (NO):“Totally original music (..) something really special” Full review (DK): “these women send the melodies soaring magically up under the roof” Full review 
Salt Peanuts (NO) - “a magnificent album” Full review 
Resonator (DK) - ”good playing, well executed“ Full review 

Rootszone (DK):“outstanding and worth listening to” Full review 
Sonic Soul (DE):“sound falls between the prairie, the mountain range and the big city.Those who dare, win“ Shout out 

★★★★★ The Love of Music & Concerts (DK): "a hypnotizing experience”

Loftskammer (DK): Music that is warm, generous, full of color, groovy and very catchy”


 Mads Kornum,
"For harmonien, energien, spilleglæden fra scenen smittede fra første tone, og spredte sig som søde smilehuller rundt om i salen på det særdeles velbesøgte spillested.(…) “  
“Og det er præcis det TOVO har. De har hele pakken. De har evnerne, de kan håndværket og de har den kreative kraft til at konvertere det hele, til et udtryk, der føles som lydsporet til en sanselig åbenbaring."
“Alt i alt blev vi i løbet af 2 sæt af cirka 50 minutter hver, taget på tur igennem det mageløse, det mystiske, det meditative, det mangfoldige, det mellemliggende, og det multikulturelle – og det efterlod følelsen af at have været på en mindeværdig og myndig musikalsk rejse.”

Cim Meyer in Jazz Special
…the sound of the band was delightfully acoustic and tactile. Strong arrangements (especially for the vocals) and the repertoire entertainingly varied. The soloists really made an impact: Lundin was unfailingly convincing on tenor sax and Ania Rybacka and Maria Kynne delivered heart-rending vocal solos. A wonderful journey in sound to some of the sources of western music.
(about concert at Copenhagen Jazz Festival July 5th 2021)

TV & Podcasts Interviews (related to this release):

- Featured guests on “The World Fusion Show” (USA) TV, podcast and Youtube ep#122 WATCH (in English)

- The Performance Anxiety Podcast (USA) listen on: Spotify/Apple (in English) 

- Sångarpodden Listen (In Swedish)

- POV-cast Soundcloud /Apple /Spotify (in Danish)

- The Phil Thomas Reviews Podcast Listen


STUCD 17162/STULP 17161

Songqualität : ✭✭✭✭✭✭ 
Interpretation: ✭✭✭✭✭ 
Klang: ✭✭✭✭✭ 
Es handelt sich (…) um ein Quintett, doch die zwei Dänen, zwei Schweden und ein Pole klingen wie ein kleines Orchester. 
Hier zeigt [Fredrik Lundin] seine ganze kreative Klasse. 
Fredrik Lundin… einer der kraftvollsten Saxophonisten Nordeuropas. 

Tim Jonathan Kleinecke - Nordische Musik

"…. so wirkt die ganze Musik der Platte auf mich, Assoziation erweckend, Bilder malend, die ganze Facette von Eindrücken jeder Art, die durch erweckte Emotionen entstehen können, freisetzend. Lundin und seine Mitstreiter haben es verstanden, einen Bilderbogen zu entwerfen, der als Ausfluss ihres Ideenreichtums und ihrer Kreativität umwerfend ist. Im noch jungen Jahr wird diese Platte in meiner Bestenliste Jazz des Jahres 2018 auf jeden Fall dabei sein." 

Musik an sich (Wolfgang Giese) 20 point (= 19 bis 20 Überflieger) 


Das Album hat auch zeitweise diesen etwas dunklen, bedrohlichen Sound, den das Plattencover erahnen lässt, macht aber damit alle Liebhaberinnen und Liebhaber von Thrillern und düsteren Krimis glücklich, mit Bebop, Rock und faszinierendem Quintet Jazz. 

bak - Concerto (Östereich) 

“At times it all sounds like a bizarre funeral procession or a very drunk circus band, but the music is absolutely dazzling in its power and glory.” 
“Overall this is an incredible album, full of superb music and virtuosic performances, which deserves to be heard by as many music connoisseurs around the world as possible.” 
“It is also a monumental road sign as to the future of Jazz..” 

Adam Baruch -The Soundtrack of My Life 
“beautiful, passionate music that moves past your ears like a film.” “Fredric Lundin has a great passion for occult matters which is evident from his descriptions of the songs in the CD booklet. But it has in any case led to brilliant music..” 

“It is amazing how Lundin knows how to interpret a feeling or atmosphere in music, wonderful!, it reminds me of the magisterial color palette of the great musical mood and atmosphere painter Duke Ellington. Fredric Lundin, until recently a blank sheet for me, but that is now finally passé, a topcd!” (Jan van Leersum) 

“This is a most unusual CD. The dramatic and dark nature of the arrangements and solos is rare. The compositions would make a good soundtrack for a Gothic horror film, and it may take a second listen to settle in to the atmosphere – but it's definitely worth it!” 

London Jazz News (Peter Slavid) 

"Though the soloing is absolutely wonderful, it's the inner strength of each composition, played with feeling and abandon by the musicians, that is the simply spellbinding to me as a listener." 

Dig Jazz (Thord Ehnberg) Swedish Online jazz magazine ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

A thought-provoking album that, although quite deep at times, is never boring. Far from it! 
Outstanding Danish saxophonist and composer Lundin has a prodigious technique that varies from that of a bull in a china shop to that of a lamb grazing in the meadow. Both are equally compelling. 
An imaginative album that can't be judged on a single listening. Without a doubt, it grows on you 

Bebop spoken here (Lance Liddle) English Jazz blog 

"Lundin doesn't pander to the novice jazz listener. His music is a full-cream, serious, deep digging, high flying jazz of the present." "[…] as such it can't be done more brilliantly than this." 

National newspaper Politiken (Christian Munch-Hansen) 

"This is music with integrity. Uncompromisingly honest music. This is an unavoidable album. Unique, uncompromising and of the highest quality." 

Jazz magazine Jazzspecial (Peter Rahbek) 

"Brilliant and energetic music of the present, created by five outstanding musicians - with lots of love of adventure." 


National newspaper Berlingske tidende (Kjeld Frandsen) 

"5 Go Adventuring Again is strong stuff, it's an album that grows on you. It demands something of the listener, if she wants to enter into Lundins universe of tales. However should you choose to join the band in there explorations, great adventures awaits." 

Jazz blog Jazznyt (Niels Overgaard) 

"The album [is] thoroughly exceptional." 

Journalist Ivan Rod on his blog.

“De fem på nye eventyr” er bygget af stemningsbilleder…dystre saker, som gir næring til Lundin kompositoriske virke for å trenge in i sinnets mørke og møte det ukjente.Hans musik lykkes stort i dette…ved å frembringe overraskende, bergtagende thrills av stor skjønnhet. 
De fem eventyrere er vel utstyrte for oppdagerferden, i Lundins kompositoriske rammer av sterke tuttipassasjer med uortodokse harmonier og uttrykksfulle melodier…..[alle] bidrar med suggererende, tidvis åndeløst solo- og ensemblespill. 
Ta med de fem på eventyr - kanskje møter du deg selv - og finner nye veier for livet.

Norwegian Jazznytt [Bjarne Søltoft]