- Weavers

Makiko Hirabayashi (p) 
Fredrik Lundin (ten/sop sax)
Thommy Andersson (b) 
Bjørn Heebøll (d/perc) 

Weavers is a new constellation on the Danish music scene with a distinct sound, initiated by Makiko Hirabayashi. They made their debut at Mahrajazz – a Palestinian jazz festival in Haifa in 2018, and the raw, spiritual energy of this place has influenced their music from the very beginning. 
All 4 musicians have a strong, personal voice with a broad musical background. They have made their marks in such diverse areas of music as rock, world music, jazz and avant-garde. With an open mindset, Weavers explore new textures in sound and harmony, embracing both lyrical storytelling and abrstract soundscapes. In June 2020, Weavers recorded their first album at Nilento Studio in the countryside of Sweden, it was released in April, 2021 on Enja.

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- Stefan Pasborg trio

Stefan Pasborg - drums
Carsten Dahl - piano and rhodes
Fredrik Lundin - saxophones and flute

Music by Pasborg, Dahl, Lundin and the trio

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- Marilyn Mazur Group


 Marilyn Mazur Group plays warm and communicating music, intense and melodic, fulfilling Marilyn’s multicolored original compositions and imaginative poetic visions with lots of spontaneous energy. Inside her large percussioninstallations, Marilyn weaves exciting patterns of beautiful sounds and mystic grooves. 
In this Copenhagen-based group, Marilyn has gathered some of her closest musical friends, all very creative individualists, that have worked together for a long time : 
saxophonist Fredrik Lundin (DK) 
guitarist Krister Jonsson (Sweden) 
bassplayer Klavs Hovman (DK) 
Together these 4 musicians invite the listener in for an adventure, with both physical and spiritual qualities to explore.  

December 2010 Marilyn Mazur Group released their double CD Tangled Temptations & The Magic Box, one CD being a liverecording of Marilyn’s new music for the nonverbal new interpretation of the theatrepiece “Beggar’s Opera” ; the other CD an expressive studiorecording. 
Marilyn is known for her extensive work with i.e. Miles Davis and Jan Garbarek, she has played with a vast number of great musicians and in most of the world, but has focused more and more on being the powercenter in her own projects and also composing for choirs and various other settings. She is presently also working with i.e. Dhafer Youssef, Palle Mikkelborg, John Taylor, Anders Jormin, Tomasz Stanko, Nils Petter Molvær, Jan Bang. 
Some of Marilyn’s many highlights: Receiving the Jazzpar Prize in 2001, which involved her creating a special 14-piece orchestra for concerts and the CD All the Birds, 
releasing her solo-CD for ECM 2008 with Jan Garbarek ELIXIR, 
being Artist in Residence at Molde Jazzfestival 2008, which involved her creating 6 different concert-constellations, 
receiving Eurocore JTI Jazz Award in 2010, 
being nominated as Percussionist of the Year by Jazz Journalists Association 2012.

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- Silhouette

Altoist Christina von Bülow and I both have great affinity and love for the music of the late great baritone player and composer Lars Gullin. 
This band was born out of need to play his music with respect for his legacy, and at the same time make his music relevant today. Christina and I are both deeply rooted in the jazz tradition, but our respective routes out of that are quite different. None the less, we share a common language, that often lets us improvise the exact same frases at the exact same time. 

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Silhouette are: 
Christina von Bülow - as 
Fredrik Lundin - bars 
Jacob Fischer - guit 
Daniel Franck - b 
Jeppe Gram - dr

Live from Sweden 2017

From the album "Silhouette"

- Offpiste Gurus

Photo by Stephen Freiheit

What is indie-jazz?   

"Offpiste Gurus pull together the pop sensibilities of the indie world with the slow soulful lilt of the jazz ensemble” (Quote: American blog Nordic Spotlight)   

New albumIn Case of Fire is out on label German label enja/yellowbird.   
Offpiste Gurus self titled first album is released on Stunt Records.  

In Offpiste Gurus’ music the singer-songwriters predilection for personal storytelling meets the unique blue toned cool which Scandinavian Jazz is so famous for. It is grooving, hand played and primarily acoustic music, played by an unorthodox line-up of voice, saxophone, bass, drums, mens choir and banjo with glimpses of brass, vibraphone og piano. It is sophisticated, it’s rough, it’s full of contrasts, and above all a perfect offset for Værings beautifully unvarnished voice, which generously shares stories and observations from the adult life arena.   

Saxophonist and composer Fredrik Lundin is one of the major Scandinavian jazz and beyond-profiles of his generation. Trinelise Væring is a highly respected singer and songwriter.   

LISTEN to the 2010-album "Offpiste Gurus" on Spotify

Listen to the 2015-album "In Case of Fire" on Spotify

Offpiste Gurus are:   

Trinelise Væring - vocal, banjo and mikro Korg   
Fredrik Lundin - saxophones, bass flute and vocals   
Thomas Vang - bass, bass Rhodes and violin   
Jeppe Gram - drums, vocals and piano  

More videos on youtube

Videos from the studio and from Lithuania feat. Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra