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Interviews I've done and published articles.

Lee Konitz obituary for Jazz Special Jazz Special asked me to write the orbituary commemorationg the late great Lee Konitz, who died April 15th 2020. 10.1 MB
Interview with Egberto Gismonti for Jazz Special Interview by Fredrik Lundin with Egberto Gismonti (in Danish) for Jazz Special Issue # 152. August 2016.
Photos by Oskar Lundin
7.22 MB
Paul Bley -obituary for Jazz Special My Paul Bley obituary, written for Jazz Special issue # 149 2016 6.6 MB
Musikken der gjorde en forskel. Jazz Special. Me about music that made a difference to me (in Danish) for Jazz Special. Jazz Special issue # 122. 2011. 4.61 MB
Erling Kroner - obituary for Jazz Special My obituary for Erling Kroner written for Jazz Special. Issue # 120 May 2011. 3.6 MB
Interview with Joakim Milder for Jazz Special Interview by Fredrik Lundin with Swedis saxophone player and composer Joakim Milder for Jazz Special.
Issue # 15 April/May 1994. (Photos by Lundin).
2.8 MB