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My esteemed colleagues

Pernille Bevort - reed player, composer, band leader, opinion former and general musical octopus. I enjoy Pernilles company and impeccable musicianship  in Maluba Orchestra.

Simon Cato Spang-Hanssen - reed player, composer and band leader. I have the honer of playing tenor in Simon's hard burning Epistrophy Septet

Adam McKenzie - cellist and composer. Adam's a very gifted muscian who covers a wide varity of musical styles.

Trinelise Væring - singer/song writer, composer, arranger, band leader, guitarist and incidentally also my wife. Appart from all her own projects, she and I have worked together on musical projects since the early 90's, and we've released 4 albums together. At the moment we're working with Tone Of Voice Orchestra. Also I'm the saxophonist in her large band Trinelise Væring Band