live recordings - music for large and small ensembles.

Below is a collection of live recordings by the Danish, Swedish and German national radios.
All the music was broadcast at the time, but is no longer accessible. Most of the music hasn't been released on albums or streaming services either. I am however  very proud of it all, and I'm therefore making it available here for whomever might be interested.

Please enjoy!

- Odense Jazz Orchestra & Fredrik Lundin 2023

From a live performance with Odense Jazz Orchestra at Tobaksgården in Assens on February 23rd, 2023.

- Danish Radio Big Band 2016

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In 2016 The Danish National Radio Big Band started up a row of portrait concerts, presenting prominent Danish jazz artists.
I was fortunate enough to be the first in this row, and November 25th the DR Big Band performed my music at a live concert in studio 4 in DR byen.
Featured soloists were, besides myself, Trinelise Væring - voc, Peter Fuglsang - clarinet, Mads La Cour - tp, Henrik Gunde - p, Per Gade - guit, Vincent Nilsson - tb, Gerard Precenser - tp, Søren Frost - dr and Aske Drasbæk - bcl.
Nicolai Bøgelund was the conductor.

All music and arrangements by yours truly. 
The repertoire is a mix of arrangements of music from the repertoire of Offpiste Gurus (lyrics by Væring), of 5 Go Adventuring Again and of music written specifically for the DR Big Band and its soloists. 
It was such a treat to work with this magnificent band. 

The full concert broadcast also features a studio interview with me, talking (in Danish) about the music of the concert.

Before the concert, a written interview was publiched on the Danish Radio homepage: Read the interview (in Danish) here: Interview

- 25th Year Aniversary 2006

On September 28 and 29, 2006 I celebrated my first 25 years on the Danish jazz scene with two double concerts at Copenhagen Jazz House. First set was played by a 12 piece band, the Aniversary Band, the second by my 11 piece band, Fredrik Lundin Overdrive, featuring rap artist Per Vers.  
Both nights were recorded and later broadcast by DR (The Danish National Radio). 
Man ! Those two nights were a blast!!!! 

The Aniversary Band:   
Kasper Tranberg and Maj Berit Guassora - trumpets 
Erling Kroner and  Peter Dahlgren - trombones 
Jacob Munch - tuba and bass trombone
Peter Fuglsang, Anders Banke and   
Fredrik Lundin - reeds

Niclas Knudsen and Hasse Poulsen - guitars & electronics  
Nicolai Munch-Hansen - acoustic and electric basses 
Lars Juul and  Kresten Osgood - drums and electronics 
Trinelise Væring - vocal.

The pictures are from the rehearsals and the concerts and were taken by Kasper Trandberg. 

- 1st set - The Aniversary band

- 2nd set - F L Overdrive feat. Per Vers

Per Vers - voice
Fredrik Lundin - saxes
Maj Berit Guassora - trumpet
Mia Engsager and Lis Wessberg- trombones
Ola Nordqvist - bass trombone
Klaus Löhrer - bass trombone and tuba
Krister Jonsson - guitar
Henrik Gunde - piano and Fender rhodes
Jens Christian Uhrenholdt - bass
Emil de Waal and Jonas Johansen - drums

- Fredrik Lundin overdrive live in Europe 2003-05

- At Jazzfest Berlin 2005

This was one of our more memorable performances, as we were sharing the stage with Joe Zawinul Project - Joe Zawinul band + WDR Big Band.

The track contains our set, including my presentations, as it was broadcast by the WDR (West Deutcher Rundfunk).

Fredrik Lundin Overdrive live at Jazzfest Berlin 2005. Recorded by WDR (West Deutcher Rundfunk) 
Fredrik Lundin - saxes, Maj Berit Guassora - tp, Mia Engsager - tb, Lis Wesberg - tb, Ola Nordkvist - btb,
Klaus Löhrer - btb, tuba, Krister Jonsson - guit, Henrik Gunde - pno, rhodes, Jens Kristian Uhrenholdt - b,
Jonas Johansen - dr, Emil de Waal - dr 
Music by Lundin

- At Jeriko, malmö February 25th 2003

Fredrik Lundin Overdrive live at Jeriko, Malmö 25/2-2003 + interview. Recorded and broadcast by Swedish national radio. Production and interview by Ulf Rådelius.
Fredrik Lundin - ts, amplified ss , Jesper Sveidahl - tp , Mia Engsager - tb , Lis Wesberg - tb , Ola Nordkvist - btb , Klaus Löhrer - btb, tuba, didgeridoo, Krister Jonsson - guit, Henrik Gunde - pno, rhodes, Jens Kristian Uhrenholdt - b, Emil de Waal - dr, Jonas Johansen - dr 
Music by Lundin

- Basalt Live at Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2003

Basalt: Fredrik Lundin - saxes and electronics, Krister Jonsson - guit, Lars Andreas Haug - tuba, Anders Jormin - bass and Audun Kleive - drums.
The music was a comission from Copenhagen Jazz Festival to celebrate the festival's 25th aniversary. The band was formed for this occasion only.

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- People Places Times & Faces Live at Fasching 1995

People Places Times and Faces live at Fasching in Stockholm November 1995. 
This was the 3rd version of the large band, with which Trinelise Væring and I recorded the album “People Places Times and Faces" in 1991 (see discography). 
This version featured, besides the two leaders, Bobo Stenson - p, Kim Kristensen - synth, Palle Danielson - b and
Audun Kleive - dr. 
All music by Lundin, all Lyrics by Væring