Danish Radio Big Band feat. Trinelise Væring - voc, and Lundin - baritone sax performing "In Your Absence" by Væring/Lundin
Recorded November 2016


Lyrics by Væring
In Your Absence

Isn’t it ironic
I said I was through with love
and you bought my story
what could we’ve been thinking of

I was so full of secrets
inaccessible and all
Isn’t it ironic
it’s my absence you recall

I was so unhappy
lived in constant fear of change
scared of the mess and of the pain
and of what would be implied
if I looked inside

Isn’t it ironic
in your absence I recall
that I truly love you
but I don’t care for me at all

So I could not believe you
Didn’t trust you when you said
that you loved me
Now who cares for my regrets

I’m just so unhappy
and sorry I messed up again
that things will never be the same
and that although I really tried
I never got it right