3rd single is here ! Lovey-Doveyin'

Lovey-Doveyin' is here!

Tone of Voice Orchestra lets the good times roll with this slightly quaint yet rather charming ballade. Streaming everywhere from today (Link in bio) 

The video (also link in bio) for this song was made during the cover shoot for the album, so it is more or less a “live” version of the final album cover, as you will see, when the full album comes out next month. 

Tine Refsgaard has the melody on this one. 

We had a really particular idea for the cover, an idea about staging a situation where each of us had something to “do” rather that taking a picture of 10 people staring into the camera. 

In the very last minute, we got Maris Gailis to come by and film the whole thing. 

At one point we took a break from working on the actual cover and sang the song for him a couple of times, and that is the video. 

Seeing it now is throwback to that sunny morning in june last year. 

The gorgeous vintage VW T1 was kindly lent to us by @restaurantgillelejehavn

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