Jonas Johansen Move
Jonas Johansen - dr
Fredrik Lundin - ts
Ben Besiakov -p
Anders Christensen - b
From the album "Move Up"


These are but subtle changes in the current
lyrics by Trinelise Væring, music by Fredrik Lundin

All five of us used to hang out back then
At weekends we wen’t round to Millies
Her mum worked the nightsshift
And she didn’t mind if
We stayed late and drank ourselves silly
When she came home she would sit down
And kick off her shoes,
Have a beer lend an ear to our bitter-sweet Teenage blues

There was the summer the four of us spend on the wharf
dreaming up dreams for the future
Millie had bailed out
after it came out
she’d been in love with Luther
for much longer than she’d care to say
but Luther on his part
did not think of her her in that way

These are but subtle changes in the current
sutle changes in the current

Usually Susan and Paul come to stay
a weekend or so over summer,
we never met Luthers second wife
though were told ... she’s a real stunner

Yet he showed up in church
for the final farewell
we all come arround... in life’s carousel
and Paul was a comfort to Millie that day
she lives down in France now just north of Marsailles
it took Millies mom in her new angel gear
to bring us to together, to get us all here
She sat down amongst us
and kicked off her shoes,
had a beer lent an ear to us sharing our bitter sweet news