From the album "In So Many Words" (Stunt Records).
Trinelise Væring - voc
Bobo Stenson - p
Mads Vinding - b
Alex Riels - dr.


Everywhere I Go
Music and lyrics by Væring & Lundin

Seems that everywhere I go
I've been before
there's no uncharted land
I have yet to explore
but in your eyes
I'm running wild
I loose my way on purpose
Every languid face
that looks at me
I almost know too well
yet your face launched
a thousand ships
when lightly touched
by fingertips

It seems that every word I speak
was once misused
every sentence, every phrase
much too abused
but in the words
I say to you
a different meaning shines through
Everything they tell me
seems like something
I've been told before
but somehow
when you speak to me
your every word
surprises me
it is the reason for my love

Every time I'm close
it's for the second time
with every tired gesture
I am less benign
but every time
I'm close to you
I touch you for the first time
Every accidental stranger
was almost foreseeable
although I know you well
by now
you're unpredictable
it is the reason for my love